7 Reasons Why A Uniform Is Good For Your Brand

7 reasons why a uniform is good for your brand

Uniforms are not only functional and fashionable.
They’re a creative branding tool that helps turn your restaurant into a recognisable establishment. Here’s how….


1. A uniform keeps your brand image consistent

From your restaurants interior décor to your visually designed menu, keeping your theme consistent solidifies your brand and let’s your customers know what to expect. Matching your team uniform to your concept by style or colour keeps that consistency flowing through to your team members.


2. A uniform communicates your brand message

Whether your venue is formal, playful, family-orientated, traditional or unusual (the list goes on…), choose a uniform to reflect this. Your team members play a vital role in creating a culture within your venue, give them a helping hand by providing them with a uniform that enhances the vibe.


3. A uniform can be branded with your logo

Your teams uniform is a powerful location to place your logo. Customers will always remember the host that ‘welcomed them with friendly service’ or the pastry chef that ‘created the best dessert they’ve ever eaten’. By placing a logo on your chef jacket or apron, these memorable interactions will be associated with your brand.


4. A uniform makes you recognisable on social media

Benefit from our digitally social society. Whether you’ve just shared a photo of your chef plating up the finest pan seared salmon or your bar tender shaking up a daiquiri – A uniform adds to the story by identifying their role and communicating their skills. If your uniform features your logo the photo will be even more effective in promoting your restaurant.


5. A uniform transforms your team members into brand ambassadors

Whether your team are working in your restaurant or featuring in a pop up at a foodie show, when wearing a uniform your team members naturally stand out and promote your brand.


6. A uniform unites your team and boosts confidence

Your customers experience says a lot about your brand. A positive customer experience can result in returning guests and recommendations. A uniform lets your team members know that they can rely on each other, and as a result, boosts confidence and encourages better service.


7. A uniform encourages team members to take pride in their role

Our loyal following of chefs often tell us that when they put on their uniform before a shift they feel an instant sense of pride for what they have achieved and what they will go on to achieve.


Does your uniform reflect your brand?

If not, it might be time for a refresh.
Email us today to discuss your new uniform solution.