A Q&A with Chef Charlotte Langley

For Chef Charlottle Langley, community comes first. She is often found connecting and collaborating in amongst the hospitality industry to share expertise and support it’s members. Joining forces with the likes of Restaurants Canada and the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), she is driving for a more sustainable world.

We caught up with Chef Charlotte (Co-Founder and Chef Culinary Officer at Scout) to talk opportunities, positive change, and impactful decisions.


What do you see on the other side of all of this?

CL: I see a world of possibility. I read a very interesting article written by Gabrielle Hamilton, the Chef and Owner of Prune in NY and it really had me thinking about how our industry has survived as long as it has. The hospitality industry has always been a delicate ecosystem and one that I don’t think we shone a lens at very often. What I see happening, is a re-evaluation of how the system works and how it can be made to work better. The true cost and value of food, service, people! and how that shakes down through the business. I feel we will encourage more local growth and stimulate the economy closer to home.


What are you seeing daily in Toronto from a business perspective?

CL: I am seeing a lot of bartering and trading and sharing, and neighborhoods doing whatever they can to support each other.

I am seeing a lot of businesses pivot into online and grocery outlets with delivery being a huge deal. I see this as a rising trend for sure, as well as a very competitive market place. 


What’s something you’ve seen that makes you believe we’re going to get through this together?

CL: The amount of group chats, and support groups and friends and phone calls and shout outs and surprise drop offs is truly amazing and inspiring. I am also having very interesting conversations with other professionals about how to get on top of this and evolve, vs just react to the situation. We are resilient.


What can the average consumer do to help?

CL: Spend your money at home. Shop Local, Support Farmers and local producers.Support your small local businesses.  


What positive lessons do you think can be learned from all of this?

CL: I feel that a lot of us will re-evaluate how we spend our time and our money and make more impactful decisions in both categories


How have you been keeping your days occupied?

CL: Well, I have been garden planning and day dreaming about spring which seems to have arrived! As well as biking, running and of course, cooking.


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