Chef of Chef Works – Chef Carlo Curto

Chef Works Canada - Carlo Curto

Introducing Carlo Curto, Executive Chef at Delta Toronto Airport.


1. Tell us a little bit about your kitchen

Team cohesiveness, passion, collaboration and commitment are the pillars to my kitchen. We are unified by our passion for food and the desire to wow our customers with an amazing culinary experience.


2. What was your first cooking job?

Working as a 2nd cook in the grand old lady called Royal York Hotel best experience one could receive on his new culinary journey.


3. Your cooking inspiration

My Italian heritage and learning from some of the greatest Chefs of our time inspires me, however it is my respect for the ingredients themselves that spurs my creativity. Using locally sourced seasonal ingredients means cooking with food that is full of flavour.


4. Your specialty dish

Braised short ribs. This dish requires time and patience. The meat falls off the bone and the taste is layered with a multitude of flavours such as thyme, garlic and beef stock that has cooked for 24 hours.


5. Weirdest thing you ever ate

I can’t think of anything weird. I am open to all foods at least once. Perhaps not so weird but something I am not particularly fond of are raw Oysters.


6. Favorite things to do when not cooking

Spending time with my family is a priority. In our profession the hours are long so what little family time there is I truly relish it. I also like to keep abreast of the latest cooking trends by reading and researching regularly.


7. Your latest project

It is more of my approach to food then a project. I aim to maintain the integrity of food and bring out its exquisite flavours using herbs and spices that complement not compete with the dish. I am extremely excited about my new role as Executive Chef of the Delta – Toronto Airport. The ability to lead, mentor and influence the culinary team is a challenge and a privilege that I have embraced. All of my years in my culinary field have prepared me for this new and exciting endeavor.


8. Your all time best culinary tip

Bring passion to cooking and always taste your food, bland food does not please anyone.


9. Your favorite Chef Works item

Delancey and Gramercy Chef Jackets. The design offerings of the Chef Jacket lend themselves to the style that a Chef wants to portray in the culinary field. They are versatile, attractive and keep pace with the changing landscape.