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June is World Oceans Month with Ocean Wise – Join us in supporting sustainable seafood and ocean protection in honour of the mission of @WorldOceansDay to protect 30% of our oceans by 2030. Our partner Ocean Wise will be sharing 30 days of conservation wins, expert testimonials, drivers of the sustainable seafood movement, ocean science leadership,and so much more.


We caught up with Ocean Wise Seafood Accounts Coordinator (Eastern Canada), Isabella Sulpizio, and asked the question: what do you stand for?


The Ocean Wise Seafood team is a national team representing women in four regions across Canada: Vancouver, Toronto, Quebec City and Halifax. Our educational backgrounds are a mix of conservation biology, fisheries science, social sciences and business. We have experience working directly with fishing communities, on the ground conservation projects in the tropics, conducting industry research at some of the largest tradeshows in North America and collaborating with some truly fantastic chefs across Canada. Although we are all drastically different individuals we all stand for the same thing: Ocean Conservation.”

“This all connects back to a collective understanding and the foundation for our program: we both love the oceans and need the oceans.”


“Whether it was falling in love with the grand mystery that the sea has to offer, or an intense fascination with a species in peril, each one of us truly loves the ocean. Its value emotionally is one that has inspired generations of poets, writers, philosophers and explorers. For the Ocean Wise Seafood program, our love is for fostering healthy ecosystems, promoting sustainable harvesting and farming practices and ensuring that if we need to eat seafood, we are not impacting other species or habitats negatively. We work actively to spread that love and passion to our partners who place the same amount of care into the food that they serve and the stories those dishes tell every day.  We work with these chefs to provide resources so they can easily choose sustainable options for their menus.”

“This years Toronto Chowder Chowdown winner, Chef Kellen Crumb of MLSE, with the Toronto Ocean Wise Seafood Team. As a longtime Ocean Wise Seafood partner, chef Kellen shares our teams passion for Ocean Conservation”


“The oceans provide habitat for species that we depend upon for food, tourism and recreation globally. We also need the oceans to support 10s of millions of jobs around the world! They cover 70% of our planet and produce 70% of the air that we breathe! If that shocks you just remember that we know more about the moon and mars than we do about the oceans! There is still so much to learn and discover. What we do know is that overfishing is one of the greatest ways we impact the oceans.”

“We stand for Ocean Conservation. If you do too, check out our website at seafood.ocean.org to learn about becoming a partner of the Ocean Wise Seafood program and joining our fight to stand for the oceans. Looking for and promoting sustainable seafood is how the Ocean Wise Seafood team works to ensure that there will be healthy lakes, rivers AND oceans for generations to come.”


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