Meet the Berkeley Family

Are long hours and late shifts a pain in the neck?

Maybe Chef Works Canada can help take some of that weight off of your shoulders with the Berkeley family of aprons.

Designed to provide the ultimate comfort for those working the front or back of the house, the Berkeley Chef’s Bib, Bib and Petite Bib models are kitted-out with cross-back suspender straps that relieve neck strain. You can even mix and match the suspender straps to fit your personality and brand identity.

The half bistro and waist styles have interchangeable snap-on ties so you can colour coordinate with different styles!



Why Berkeleys?

Comfort: “We were looking for ways to make chefs more comfortable in the kitchen and make things a little easier on servers,” said Claudia Rico, Chef Works product manager.

That goal came to fruition with one of the most versatile and comfortable aprons on the market. Built to maximize ease of movement and minimize drag, the Berkeley family was specifically built to help chefs and servers get through tough shifts.


Productivity: Comfort supports productivity by helping your team negotiate long hours. The more comfortable you are, the more likely you are to be productive. A stylish and fashion-forward uniform program can also bolster camaraderie and establish a sense of pride among the staff. A happy staff is a productive staff.


Satisfied customers: The endgame is to always make the customer happy. And a unified look brings style to your property while also turning your servers and chefs into brand ambassadors. Customers will feed off of your delicious menu, playful plating and your team’s positive energy. The details make the difference and your customers will notice them.


With these three factors in mind, isn’t it time to style-up your crew with Berkeleys?

Here’s what some of our customers have to say:

“Well made, hip, sophisticated and convenient Apron. Fits well, material excellent. High up on chest so nothing falls through. Great pockets. Comfortable,” Stacy.

“Robust defender while adding a fresh look to the line,” Maurice.

“Love it. Fits like a glove. People tell me all the time how good it looks. Leave it snapped and slip in it,” Joe.


What makes Berkeleys so special?

Innovation, durability and light materials were at the core of Berkeley’s creation.

“They have to be strong enough to survive hundreds of washes in the laundry, but also be light weight enough so that they remain comfortable,” said Jeanine Patz, senior product manager for Chef Works.

Some of Berkeley’s highlights include:

  • 100 percent cotton denim (various colors)
  • Innovative and functional pockets
  • Metal buckles
  • Interchangeable suspender straps and waist ties
  • Five styles!

Berkeley’s comfort is rooted in the on-trend, cotton denim construction. And the interchangeable cross-back suspenders and snap-on waist ties let you colour-code your personality.

Chef Works Canada offers 12 styles of suspender straps to mix-and-match six apron colours. And you can personalize your style with up to 324 colour combinations!

Berkeley is always the perfect fit.

Order your Berkeley here or call us at 1.888.640.CHEF (2433) for further assistance.



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