I stand for…preserving culture with food

Throughout 2020 we’ll be sharing stories of the missions, passions and goals of our inspirational customers as part of a series called ‘What do you stand for?’

In celebration of International Women’s Day, this month we caught up with three innovative female chefs who are inspired by food from various parts of the globe. 


Chef Raquel Fox, Celebrity Chef and Culinary Instructor at George Brown College 

“Farm to Table embodies the ethos of island lifestyle. Surrounded by the ocean, seafood is acquired directly from the fishing boats. As customers purchase, they’re entertained with pastoral stories of where and how the fish were caught. My grandfather was a farmer who grew organic fruits, vegetables and what a bountiful life it was for me as a child! I believe that food is love and it begins at the stage of farming. Now that I’m a Chef and Culinary Instructor, I show appreciation and respect to our Ontario farmers by skilfully preparing food with little or no waste. We eat with our senses, so before my plates leave the kitchen, there’s a protocol that must be adhere to before the meal is presented at the table. I’m a chef because I love preparing good food for good people.”


Chef Isabel Chung, Executive Chef at Fairmont Chateau Whistler

“I stand for respect. Respect for the food, for its producers, and for the way in which it needs to be handled. Respect for the best utilization of it; for learning and understanding what it takes to grow that vegetable; to raise that animal; to create that dish; to produce something amazing. Respect for each other, for differences of opinion, for culture, for diversity, for overcoming adversity, and for uniqueness.”


Chef Elia Herrera, Executive Chef and Owner of Colibri Toronto and Los Co Vegan

“My name is Elia Herrera originally from Veracruz México.

I immigrated to Canada 16 years ago and something that I have learned in this industry is to stand up for myself as a chef, as a woman and as an immigrant.

In the industry we often go through challenges like mental health due to the high demand of perfection it is required. However, because of our passion and love to our profession we give ourselves fully to the industry. I encourage my team to have a balance between work and personal life. Yes, to be passionate and 100% committed, but to allow themselves to find happiness and excitement with what they do.

I myself have been practicing spiritual growth, which has helped me in finding strength, and has taught me how to stay positive through this and many other challenges that life itself has presented to me. I truly believe that we as human beings need to work with ourselves from the inside out. In the end, self-care and respect is what will bring us to accomplish what we came to this world for, which is to be happy.

Happy healthy chefs = delicious innovated food. Food with a story, food with an intention. We are chefs to feed the world.”


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*Featured image by Chef Elia Herrera

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